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Linda from USA wrote at February 29, 2016:
Had not been to Sole Mare in 2 years... I now know why - although the food is wonderful and the staff was very attentive, Sole Mare is a very noisy restaurant and it is very hard to talk to your fellow guests - we were a table of 6 and forget hearing from one end to the other end of the table. Also, the air conditioning needs attention - if was extremely hot for all of us at our table - we asked our wait staff to check on the air temperature - he said he did, but it never felt any better - between the noise and the heat - it was not a wonderful experience. Their sister restaurants, I feel offer a far more wonderful dining experience. Sorry, Sole Mare - I think it's time for a face lift...
Elena Stachacz from Jefferson Township PA USA wrote at February 28, 2016:
SoleMare is a must stop while in Aruba. Great food & great service. Love the complimentary fried plolenta & bread!! My favorite is the SoleMare Special. Freshest seafood!!!!
Joe wrote at February 13, 2016:
My first visit to Sole Mare. It was a wonderful experience and the food was outstanding. I compare them to the North End of Boston. I would highly recommend if visiting Aruba you have a night out at Sole Mare
marshall shaw from new york usa wrote at February 11, 2016:
sole mare and altar are my two favorite restaurants on the island. being there this past christmas we dined at the two restaurants 5 times in 10 days. I even booked 2016 Christmas at both places.
deb and jim berard from rhode island wrote at February 9, 2016:
What can I say, Sole Mare is our favorite place in Aruba! We have been to Aruba 58th times. We were just there from 1/12-2/2, we dined there 4 times. Best grouper with white wine sauce and garlic. Also, try the pasta with Italian ham and porcini mushrooms with a very light cream sauce--wonderful! Fried polenta is a must. First night and the last night is a must for us. The minestrone soup is out of this world! When we arrive,. I can't wait for the soup, grouper and the flan. My favorite every time.