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Stewart Becker from Aurora, Ohio USA -- Ocean Club & Surf Club wrote at August 18, 2012:
We have been coming to Aruba since 2000. We must have eaten at Sole Mare at least 15 times and have never been disappointed. You could close your eyes when looking at the menu and pick any item and you will never be disappointed. Have a Great Day, Sincerely, Stewart Becker
Christine from New York USA wrote at July 16, 2012:
First time to your raved about it so I felt i had to try it..and yes I do agree amazing taste that goes along with amazing service. I had the Veal which was like knife needed..thank you for an amazing dinner..see you next year!
Joe Shoemaker from USA (Pennsylvania) wrote at July 11, 2012:
We have been coming to Aruba for 4 Years and have returned to Sole Mare every year for an incredible dinner.
Food is always fresh and wonderful, the atmosphere is friendly and the staff makes you feel at home. We will be back again later this year and look forward to another wonderful dinner.
Try the White Sangria, it is wonderful, and goes great with dinner.
Anita Bucci from Lynnfield MA wrote at July 2, 2012:
We were a party of 9. The service and food was excellent not to mention the lusious sangrias!!
I had the the native fisth (grouper) which was prepared with lemon, garlic and white wine together with the champagne rice. (very good!!).
Other peope in the party got everything from lasagna to veal. Everyone was very impressed with the quality of food.
We are all looking forward to visiting Sole Mare next year!!
Mike Finn from Indiana, USA wrote at June 2, 2012:
My wife and I were looking to try an Italian restaurant close to the Marriott. Another guest told us to try Sole Mare. Are we glad we did. My wife ordered the Rigatoni a La Vodka and I ordered the Chicken Parmesian. Both were cooked to perfection an delicious. We had the Caramel Flan for dessert and it was also delicious. We will recommend Sole Mare to our friends going to Aruba and we will be back.