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Elaine from USA wrote at September 21, 2011:
We visit Sole Mare each time we visit Aruba - usually two times a year for two weeks or more. Dine several times during our stay and the food is wonderful; atmosphere great; and service exceptional. We especially like to have Thelma as our server. Will return to the island end of October and are bringing 2 guests new to the Sole Mare experience!
Marianne Mirrione from Boca raton, FL wrote at September 19, 2011:
We have visited Sole Mare every year since it opened and have found the food to be consistently very good. When we are on Aruba for our timeshare week, we dine there at least twice. The service is terrific and it feels like coming home. We have introduced our friends to the great food and service and now they return also.
Philip Auglis wrote at September 19, 2011:
My wife & I and our Arubian friends all had a fantastic meals. The service was great, the portions were ample enough so that we could bring a little bit back to our condo for lunch the next day. This was not our first Sole Mare and neither it will not be our last visit. We shall return for another enjoyable dinner.
Louis Fusaro from USA wrote at July 18, 2011:
We are coming to Aruba in 6 days and have already made reservations at Sole Mare for the 1st and last nite can't wait to have the spaghetti in the cheese wheel.
linda sposato wrote at May 21, 2011:
EXCELLENT!!!! Food and service are the best. Every year that I come to Aruba I dine there at least twice and tell as many people as I can to go there. For me it's like coming home.